The Family Clinic at Children's of Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama

Since 1988, Family Clinic at Children's of Alabama has served thousands of Families who are infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.
HIV continues to disproportionately affect the African-American community, and women and children—particularly those living in impoverished, resource-limited circumstances—are those most likely to seek our services.
As one of only three HIV programs in our state with an emphasis on families, The Family Clinic serves many HIV-positive pregnant women, adolescents, pediatric patients and their affected family members throughout Alabama. requiring hospitalization such as bloodstream infections, meningitis and serious pneumonias. Childrens' a nationally ranked pediatric center has provided care for youngsters from every county in Alabama, 42 other states, and 10 foreign countries last year, representing more than 653,000 outpatient visits and nearly 14,000 inpatient admissions.

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