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St. Mary Medical Center

Long Beach, California

The St. Mary Medical Center offers comprehensive care for their littlest patients in a secured unit to provide added safety for our pediatric population. The Pediatric Unit was established to care for sick or injured children, newborn through 14 years of age. A wide range of basic pediatric and specialized care is offered in a patient/family centered environment. Patients and families are encouraged, educated and supported in participating in care and decision-making. The comprehensive pediatric services include diagnostic care, physical examinations, laboratory tests and consultation with pediatric sub-specialists. Being hospitalized can be a scary and stressful time for adults, and even more so for children and their families, thus St. Mary?s nurses and care team are sensitive to this and does everything they can to make their patient's stay as worry-free as possible. The unit is child-friendly, colorful and equipped with toys, games and activities.

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